Jun Yoshida, Ph.D. |吉田 惇

Assistant Professor

Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University

744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, 819-0395, JAPAN


  • j-yoshida[at]doc.kyushu-u.ac.jp

  • jun.y.5108[at]gmail.com

Research Interests: Urban Economics, Environmental Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Climate Change

CV (April 2022)

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Upcoming Talks (今後の研究報告)

2022/11/25: 神戸大学 [Link]

2022/12/20: 九州大学

2023/2/22: GRIPS

Refereed Publications

  • Cities and biodiversity: spatial efficiency of land use

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 197, 685-705, 2022. (with Tatsuhito Kono) [Paper]

  • Optimal land use regulation for human-coyote conflicts in the Denver metropolitan area

Sustainability, 14(3), 1210, 2022. (with Tatsuhito Kono) [Paper]

  • Simultaneous optimization of multiple taxes on car use and tolls considering the marginal cost of public funds in Japan

The Japanese Economic Review, 72(2), 261-297, 2021. (with Tatsuhito Kono and Yohei Mitsuhiro) [Paper]

  • Land use policies considering a natural ecosystem

Regional Science and Urban Economics, 83, 103552, 2020. (with Tatsuhito Kono) [Paper]

  • Framework for proper beach nourishment as an adaptation to beach erosion due to sea level rise

Journal of Coastal Research, (70 (10070)), 467-472, 2014. (with Udo, K., Takeda, Y., & Mano, A.)

  • Potential impact of climate change at five Japanese beaches

Journal of Coastal Research, (65 (10065)), 2185-2190, 2013. (with Udo, K., Takeda, Y., & Mano, A.)

  • Long-term area change of two tidal flats in Japan and its future projection due to sea level rise

Journal of Coastal Research, (65 (10065)), 1975-1980, 2013. (with Udo, K., Takeda, Y., & Mano, A.)

Working Papers

  • [NEW] Agricultural and urban land use policies to manage human–wildlife conflicts, MPRA Paper, 115375, 2022. (with Tomoko Imoto & Tatsuhito Kono) [Paper]

  • [NEW] 自動車の完全自動運転下における損害賠償ルールと安全性能の選択(日引聡、新熊隆嘉との共著), RIETI Discussion Paper Series, 22-J-035, 2022. [Paper]

  • Does disclosure of success rates induce patients to move to a better clinic? Evidence from in vitro fertilization

MPRA Paper, 2021. [Paper]

  • Natural Disasters and Firm Selection: Heterogeneous Effects of Flooding Events on Manufacturing Sectors in Japan

Tohoku University Policy Design Lab Discussion Paper, 2021. (with Shinsuke Uchida, Katsuhito Nohara, & Akira Hibiki) [Paper]

  • Optimal Car-related Taxes and Pricing in Beijing Considering the Marginal Cost of Public Funds

MPRA Paper, 2020. (with Tatsuhito Kono) [Paper]

  • Travel cost method considering trip-day counts as integers

MPRA Paper, 2020. (with Tatsuhito Kono) [Paper]

Work in Progress

  • Impact of Hospital Performance Disclosure on Physician-Patient Matching and Regional Healthcare DisparitiesGrant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientist (PI), 2022 - 2024)

  • Optimal Balance between biodiversity and risk arising from human-wildlife contacts: ecology meets economicsGrants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Challenging Research (Pioneering), 2021 - 2025)

  • Development of Economic Assessment Methods for Impact of Climate Change Adaptation Options (S-18) (Environment Research and Technology Development Fund, 2020 - 2025)

  • The political economy of pricing decisions for congestable local public goods under the threat of Covid-19 (with Shuichi Tsugawa)

Past Conference and Seminar Presentations

Seminor presentations

  • 2023: GRIPS

  • 2022: Tohoku Gakuin University, J-TREE (Environmental economics seminor series), Kobe University, Kyushu University

  • 2021: Okinawa University, Nagoya City University, Housing Research & Advancement Foundation of Japan

  • 2018: Kyoto University

  • 2016: National Chengchi University (Taiwan)

Conference presentations

  • 2022: Hiroshima international conference on peace and sustainability

  • 2021: Applied Regional Science Conference, Labor economics conference, Western Economic Association International

  • 2019: Applied Regional Science Conference

  • 2018: Applied Regional Science Conference, Urban Economics Association, 6th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists

  • 2017: Applied Regional Science Conference, Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies

  • 2016: Applied Regional Science Conference, North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International, Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies

  • 2015: Applied Regional Science Conference